French Video Game Retailer Confirms Dying Light is Delayed Again


Recent rumors that Dying Light has been delayed in France have been confirmed by at least one Paris-based Micromania store. When contacted by CraveOnline, a representative from the store said Dying Light “is not out, and we don’t know when it will be out,” responding again in the affirmative when asked if it was delayed. No one from Dying Light or Techland has been able to confirm this news.

While the representative did not confirm why it was been delayed, speculation is abound about its relation to the recent attack at the headquarters of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. It’s also important to note that recent streams of the game showed significant bugs, so it’s possible the delay is due to the game needing more polish.

If that is the case, we will soon hear from U.S. retailers about a delay. Developers may also want more time to sell the game, as it has not gone gold.

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The rumors started when a French gaming website reported that retailers had began pulling the game. The page for Dying Light had a March 31st release date. While some speculated that this was a place holder date that was never changed, Google cache shows that the Dying Light page was changed between Jan. 15 and Jan. 16 to reflect the March release date. On Jan. 15, the page said Jan. 29 was the release date.

It is unclear what exactly this would mean for Dying Light‘s pre-order bonus. Techland offered one weapon docket, a token you could exchange in game for weapons, for each week in advance you pre-ordered the game. Will this mean added dockets for each week it’s delayed?

Meanwhile, the French PlayStation store and the French Dying Light home page both list a late-January release date.