Exclusive Preview: Constantine # 21

In almost every reality, John Constantine has a reputation for bringing misery and death to the people that he loves. Even when things are at their best, you can usually count on Constantine to screw things up.

The John Constantine of the New 52 has discovered that his counterpart on Earth-2 has bucked that trend. Not only is the John Constantine of Earth-2 still alive, but so are his friends and loved ones. The only fly in the ointment is that Earth-2 is currently under attack by the forces of Apokolips.

In this exclusive preview from Constantine # 21, John encounters the Doctor Fate of Earth-2 while attempting to prepare a spell that will send his loved ones back to his Earth. But there’s a huge price to pay for that piece of magic, and John Constantine isn’t sure whether he wants to take it upon himself or let someone else suffer in his place…







Ray Fawkes and artist Jeremy Haun continue their storyline in Constantine # 21, which hits comic book stores on Wednesday, January 14.