15 Underrated Thriller Movies

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Everyone loves a good thriller, and everyone hates a bad one. Case in point: Taken 3 totally sucked. Watching a movie that tries desperately to excite you and fails at every turn is the kind of massive disappointment that sends you screaming back home to watch something better instead, but what if you’ve already seen all of the classic thriller movies? What’s left?

Fortunately, the history of motion picture cinema is riddled with impressive, entertaining thriller movies. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t quite famous enough to have found a large audience, or have been somewhat forgotten in the years since their successful original release. But that just means they will surprise you all the more when you discover or re-discover them now.


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So here are 15 Underrated Thriller Movies, all of which come highly recommended from the hallowed halls of CraveOnline. We think you’ll get a kick out of every single one of them.

How many have you seen…? 


15 Underrated Thriller Movies:

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