The B-Movies Podcast #204: Mack Luhan, P.I.

B-Movies Podcast Taken 3


Take take take! Take take take! Taken 3 gets reviewed this week on The B-Movies Podcast! Your hosts William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold, legendary fans of the original Taken, are sadly forced to rip this threequel a new one, but they do so with extreme prejudice. They’re also reviewing The Woman in Black 2 Angel of Death and the new sci-fi thriller Predestination in an all-new, all-brilliant episode of the best damn podcast ever ever ever ever ever. (Ever!)


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Also this week, The Totoro Hat of Doom makes a triumphant return! And it brings with it a whole slew of movie news and whatnot: the Ant-Man trailer, Scarlett Johansson becomes The Ghost in the Shell, the long-awaited release of David O. Russell’s Accidental Love (formerly Nailed), Michael Keaton vs. King Kong, more of the :60 Seconds Game and Bibbs and Witney’s picks for what should, and should never, be nominated for the 2015 Academy Awards.


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Why did Ed Harris chain himself to a swamp? You’ll find out (kind of) in The B-Movies Podcast #204: McLuhan, P.I.! Follow us on Twitter at @BMoviesPodcast, follow your hosts at @WilliamBibbiani and @WitneySeibold. Subscribe to the show for free on iTunes to get weekly movie news, reviews and bonus episodes featuring commentary tracks and exclusive interviews with actors, filmmakers and more!


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