Jimmy Fallon Missed Out on a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman… Because He Was Busy Playing Video Games

Do you have trouble with the opposite sex? Do you often find yourself inserting yourself into embarrassing situations when it comes to women, becoming incredibly anxious during dates or crippled by a fear of rejection? Not to worry, because multi-millionaire comedian and The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is just like you!

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Fallon had beautiful actress Nicole Kidman on his sofa last night, and the conversation eventually turned to an awkward meeting the pair had several years earlier after a mutual friend told Fallon that Kidman wanted to meet him. The talk show host assumed that Kidman wanted to discuss him potentially co-starring in one of her upcoming movies, though Kidman let him in on a little secret… she was actually attracted to him.

Cue an astonished Fallon having to hear Kidman list off a reel of unattractive things he did while in her company, such as opening the door to her in a baseball cap and sweats, feeling her leftover Chinese food and ignoring her in order to play a video game.

Predictably the comedian thoroughly regrets his past decisions, and though both he and Kidman are now married, he still seemed more than a little saddened that he missed out on a chance to date Nicole Kidman. Wouldn’t we all be, though?