This New Ant-Man Poster is a Little Ridiculous

Ant-Man Poster Header


Marvel Studios continued their amusing ad campaign for Ant-Man today. The film about a superhero who can shrink in size, played by Paul Rudd (They Came Together), has a new poster consisting of the movie’s title and a teensy-tiny picture of Ant-Man himself. Like, REALLY teensy and REALLY tiny.

Does anyone else get an Innerspace vibe off of this?

Ant-Man Poster Small Innerspace Poster Small

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And never let it be said that CraveOnline doesn’t do the serious investigative reporting. Not satisfied with the above Ant-Man poster, we magnified the image to show you exactly what Marvel Studios is hiding, in plain sight:


Ant-Man Poster Magnified

You’re welcome.

Ant-Man is due in theaters on July 17, 2015 and is gearing up to premiere its first proper trailer during the premiere of the ABC mini-series “Agent Carter” tonight. The film stars Paul Rudd as the title hero, who teams up with Michael Douglas (Wall Street), who invented the shrinking suit, to pull off some kind of crazy heist and fight a diminutive villain called Yellowjacket, played by Corey Stoll (“The Strain”).


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