Magic Johnson Wants Lakers to Lose Every Game

Magic Johnson Wants Lakers to Lose Every Game

Let’s not judge that statement harshly, but rather, let’s look at why Magic Johnson wants the Los Angeles Lakers to completely tank for the remainder of the season.

He’s likely coming from an owner’s perspective (at least Kobe Bryant thinks so). This means that, in order to get the best draft picks and be in the best position for trades, the Lakers have to either do very poorly or extremely well, and the trend they’re on currently (6-16) sure isn’t leaning toward doing extremely well, so he figures they might as well just nose dive.

Johnson’s experience as a professional sports team owner has taught him well, so it’s highly likely he’s just applying that knowledge when looking at the Lakers this season and their performance so far.

How do you think the Lakers are going to turn out in 2015? Who do you think they’ll keep or trade?

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