Nine Movie Characters Who’d Make Great Batman Villains

Jake Gyllenhaal Nightcrawler 


We told Jake Gyllenhaal to his face that Lou Bloom, the malevolent protagonist of the new thriller Nightcrawler, would make a great Batman villain. And we think we’re onto something. 

Because what makes a great Batman villain? Obsession, certainly. A single-minded drive to get whatever it is you want by any means necessary, even if it means breaking the law and getting innocent people killed. Or doing the killing yourself.

What else makes a great Batman villain? A gimmick. Lou Bloom has that in spades. He’s a crime scene photographer who is perfectly willing to commit or at least aid and abet crimes in order to get the perfect shot.


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Lou Bloom is not alone. There are tons of great movie characters who, if you just gave them a mask and a catchy name, are practically Batman villains already. Some of these characters are heroes of their own stories, but Batman would obviously take issue with the criminal acts they commit. Some of them are villains already, and just need to come face-to-face with The Dark Knight to become some of the best Batman villains around.

We wracked our brains to come up with nine great movie characters who belong in Gotham City. What do you think? Which of these movie characters would make the best Batman villains, and which other movie characters would you pit against Batman in an all-star showdown?


Nine Movie Characters Who’d Make Great Batman Villains:


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