New York Comic Con Video Interview: Archer Cast Talks Season Six

Archer Cast.Still002

During this year’s New York-based comic book convention, CraveOnline had the chance to speak with the cast members of the hit show Archer and discuss what fans can expect from the upcoming sixth season.

According to Julie Greer, her character Cheryl Tunt hasn’t really grown as a person, but that’s a good thing, as she’s “back to her normal antics as probably the worst executive assistant in the history of executive assistants.”

Aisha Tyler, who plays Lana Cane, shared with us a bit about what’s in store for her character as well, noting that now that she’s got a baby, she has to worry about “typical mom stuff” and “juggle the things that normal working moms deal with like… trying to not blow up your baby with your pocket full of grenades.”

We also spoke with show creator Alan Reed, Jessica Walter (Malory Archer), Amber Nash (Pam Poovey), J. Jon Benjamin (Sterling Archer), and several other cast members. Be sure to check out our full video interview below to hear what each of them had to say at this year’s New York Comic Con.