Nuit Blanche Extends Program For 10 Projects

Nuit Blanche

The annual Nuit Blanche, an event with a mandate to make contemporary art accessible to large audiences, took place this past weekend in Toronto, and athough many of the installations have been taken down, 10 will remain until October 13th.

They are:

Global Rainbow – A large-scale light sculpture that beams seven rays of laser light representing a natural rainbow. Starting in Chinatown and ending at the CN Tower, Global Rainbow blazes through Toronto’s night sky as a symbol of hope and diversity.

Best viewing location: 222 Spadina Avenue (South of Dundas Street West)

Visible city-wide, 6 pm – midnight, October 5 -9 & 12, 13 and 6 pm – 7 am, October 10 & 11

Made in China – Made up of garments donated by the community of Toronto, it functions as a bridge that connects two cultures, old customs and current trends, globalization and tradition, society and individuals.

330 Spadina Avenue (north of Dundas Street West)

Visit 24 hours a day, October 5-13

SILENT RISE- With this sculpture, the artist explores the notion of silence in relation to spiritual development. Silent Rise invites the audience to experience the act of listening from a new point of view: seeing sound, listening to images.

Campbell House Museum, 160 Queen Street West (At University Avenue)

Visit 24 hours a day, October 5-13

Screaming Booth- This is a solution to the lack of places in the city where we can freely express our emotions. It offers instead a place of release, where screams no longer have to be suppressed. Enjoy!

New Location for Extended Period:
Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen Street West (At Bay Street)

Visit 8 am – 5 pm, October 5-13

Big Top Grand Stand- This migratory sculpture serves as a monument to the various concession stands found at carnivals and fairs. Adorned with lights, flags and reflective surfaces, this flamboyant homage has turned the concession stand into pure sculptural form.

Clarence Square Park, Spadina Avenue & Clarence Square

Visit 24 hours a day, October 5-13

8th Wonder- Come to Union Station for a different kind of departure. Let The 8th Wonder be your guide to novel sonic realms and unexpected visions. Sonic departures leaving every hour on the hour.

Union Station (Great Hall), 65 Front Street West (West of Bay Street. Access via Front Street doors)

Visit 6 am – midnight, October 5-13

Open Mind- A labyrinth based on a drawing of the human brain –in which people can walk through. As they walk around the maze, participants aremetaphors for neurons transmitting information. This work inspires dialogue on the interrelation among people.

Canoe Landing Park, 95 Fort York Boulevard

Visit 12 – 10 pm, October 5, 10, 11 & 12, 10 am – 8 pm, October 6, 9, 13

Ascendant Line- A red carpet-flag allows the audience to experience the glamour of walking down the catwalk, while unexpectedly being confronted with different political ideas regarding the fall of totalitarian systems.

Fort York National Historic Site, 100 Garrison Road

Visit 24 hours a day, October 5-13
Melting Point- Melting Point stocks a pair of Fort York’s cannons with an artillery of glowing good feelings. Featuring tributaries of light and a chorus of waves and harps, the work lays a defense against market forces beyond, creating a one-night safe space for Art.

Fort York National Historic Site, 100 Garrison Road

Visit 7 pm – 7 am, October 5-13

Good News- This work examines the duality of media as a source of information and an instrument of manipulation, challenging the audience to rethink the meaning of the transmitted messages.

Toronto Public Library (Fort York Branch), 190 Fort York Boulevard (Located on the roof of the library, viewable from both Bathurst Street and Fort York Boulevard.)

Visit 24 hours a day, October 5-13

Photo: Nuit Blanche