Exclusive Preview: Fables # 143

Fables is heading towards its endgame with “Happily Ever After,” the final storyline by series creator Mark Buckingham and longtime Fables artist Mark Buckingham.

Over the course of Fables, the conflict between Snow White and her sister, Rose Red slowly grew into a deeper bond. But now those sisterly bonds are being tested as Snow and Rose head towards a climactic confrontation against each other.

However, the sisters have more to worry about than just each other. Snow’s husband, Bigby Wolf has been mysteriously resurrected as a mindless shell of himself. And in this exclusive preview from Fables # 143, we learn who is controlling Bigby’s actions and what they have planned for Snow White and her children. Meanwhile, the Fabletown sorcerers attempt to figure out what’s happening before it’s too late… 






Fables # 143 is coming out this Wednesday, August 20 in comic stores everywhere.