Comic-Con 2014: Tusk Interview With Haley Joel Osment

SDCC 2014: Tusk – Haley Joel Osment Interview by CraveOnline

At Comic-Con 2014, we spoke with actor Haley Joel Osment about his upcoming role in Tusk, a horror film directed by Kevin Smith that features Osment’s co-star Justin Long turning into a walrus. Definitely and interesting premise. The film also stars Michael Parks, Genesis Rodriguez and a rumored Johnny Depp.

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Haley Joel Osment talks about his character’s relationship to the main character as podcasting co-hosts, and how online users feed on negativity. Osment also reminisces about how the crew of The Sixth Sense were worried about AOL “message boards” and how much the internet has changed since 1999. It sure has, Haley Joel… it sure has.

You can see Haley Joel Osment in Kevin Smith’s Tusk when it hits theaters on September 19, 2014.

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