Comic-Con 2014: The 10 Can’t Miss Comic Book Panels

The San Diego Comic-Con International begins tomorrow with its annual Preview Night event before officially opening its doors on Thursday, July 24.

To the world outside of fandom, Comic-Con International appears to be some kind of weird movie, TV and video game convention, despite the “Comic” in its name. And it’s true that a lot of the Comic-Con press is dominated by television and film panels.

But there are more comic book related panels at Comic-Con than anything else. Because no matter what else Comic-Con has become, it’s still a comic book convention.

For this year’s list of our picks for the 10 Can’t Miss Comic Book Panels at Comic-Con, we’ve largely stayed away from the traditional panels that are only used to make news announcements or show off preview art. If you want to go to those panels, there are plenty of them at Comic-Con.

Instead of focusing on those, we’re bringing you a list of panels that could only be at Comic-Con. Panels with historical significance, panels with amazing guest lineups and even a panel that could help you break into the comic book industry if that happens to be one of your goals.

Feel free to share your Can’t Miss Comic Book Panels from this year’s Comic-Con in the comment section below!