167 People Won Money Off Infamous Luis Suarez Bite

FBL-WC-2014-MATCH39-ITA-URU-COMBOLuis Suarez has been famous for years because of his play on the soccer field, but, after his latest assault, it's possible the futbol star will live in infamy for his bite on the soccer field.

The Uruguay star is facing — hopefully — a tremendous penalty from FIFA after biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during Tuesday's 1-0 win — that fact many of us know. But the most bizarre tidbit surrounding this entire controversy — aside from the fact this is Suarez's THIRD time biting another player — is that people actually made money off the incident.

According to USA Today, 167 people scored money after placing a prop bet before the Italy-Uruguay match that predicted Suarez would bite someone. The report says, one Norwegian took home $3,300.

Associated Press 

More than 150 people across Europe put money down that he would do it again during the World Cup, and raked in winnings 175-fold, a Swedish gambling company said on Wednesday…

…In Sweden, Mats Johansson posted his betting ticket on Twitter and thanked Suarez for the 1,750 kronor ($260) he got after putting up 10 Swedish kronor.

The company received bets on a Suarez bite amounting to "six figures in Norwegian kroner," Mellqvist told The Associated Press. "We have people from all of Europe playing but mainly in Scandinavia."

Italy has plenty of reasons to be upset considering Suarez wasn't punished during the game, even after Chiellini showed the bite marks on his shoulder to referees.  A red card following the assault might have saved Italy the 1-0 loss, a loss which booted Italy from the World Cup.

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