Exclusive Preview: Justice League # 31

In the aftermath of Forever Evil, there’s a new Justice League. Lex Luthor is in and Superman is out! But Luthor isn’t the only new face in the League.
DC has provided CraveOnline an exclusive preview of Justice League # 31 by Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis. In these pages, we get our first glimpse of Jessica Cruz, the young woman who finds herself chosen to be the new Power Ring… whether she wants it or not.
Then the preview checks in with Bruce Wayne attempting to convince Lex Luthor that he isn’t Batman after Luthor showed up at stately Wayne manor at the end of the last issue. Of course, Wayne would be more convincing if Luthor hadn’t seen Batman hugging Dick Grayson like a father embraces a son. Or if Wayne wasn’t the public face of Batman Inc.; which is probably still in continuity… right?
Justice League 31 Cover
And if you like variant covers, here's Mike Allred's Batman '66 inpired Justice League # 31 cover.
Justice League 31 Cover Batman 66 Variant
Justice League # 31 will be released this Wednesday, June 25.