Drakengard 3: Carnage Has Never Looked So Beautiful

Drakengard 3

Long ago, six beautiful sisters used their musical abilities to bring about lasting peace. They were known as “Intoners” and each ruled part of the world as goddesses but Zero, the eldest sister, now sets out on a vicious quest for power.

Action RPG Drakengard 3 takes place almost one hundred years before the first game in the franchise to develop a prequel with a brand new timeline splitting from everything previously established in the franchise.

The game gives players the chance to help Zero hunt down the five Intoners, individuals with the gift of song who now hope to stop Zero, considering her a traitor. With the dragon Mikhail by her side, Zero can hack-and-slash her way to victory, with aerial combat returning from previous entries in the franchise. Zero can link attacks into combos to fill up a Tension Gauge which can make her immune to attacks. Players can level up, earn new weapons, and thereby gain new strings of attacks, but Drakengard 3 also pushes these mechanics forward by allowing the player to switch weapons in combat.

Progressing through the game opens up a mature, dark storyline that doesn’t shy away from sex and violence. Further, in facing these themes Drakengard 3 features a little dark humor as well. While the franchise started on PlayStation 2, setting itself as a prequel opens Drakengard 3 to new players as well and the story of murder and bloodshed that follows has never looked so good.

Each of the five sisters that stand against Zero have their own disciples with personality quirks that set them apart from the others. While each sister is named only by a number, their disciples and abilities vary greatly, but players are more likely to develop a better relationship with Mikhail who allows Zero to ride on his back in exciting flight sequences through vibrant skies and detailed environments. For gamers interested in learning more about each sister and their disciples, Access Games and Square Enix have prepared novella chapters adding up to over 100 pages of world-expanding material that’ll create an even more enveloping narrative when you finally play the game. Head to www.drakengardgame.com to read the novella and find where to buy the game now.

Drakengard 3 is out now on PlayStation 3 for $49.99. Carnage has never looked so beautiful.

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