Exclusive Preview: Batman ‘66 # 11

Dateline Gotham City: the greatest villains from Batman’s rogues gallery are putting on a show!
More specifically, Batman ‘66 writer Jeff Parker and artist Jonathan Case have re-teamed on "The Joker's Big Show," a full length story in Batman ‘66 # 11 that brings together almost every foe that the classic Batman has ever faced!
In this exclusive preview, King Tut, Catwoman and The Siren all take the stage long before we see the Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker! To handle these dastardly villains, Batman and Robin will have help from the one and only Batgirl! 
Can this team of Caped Crusaders foil the Joker’s latest scheme? Find out this Wednesday, May 21 as Batman ‘66 # 11 hits a comic store near you!
Batman 66 11 Cover