Fact vs. Fiction: Top Sex Myths for Men


There are a lot of old wives tales concerning sex that are still widely believed to this day in regards to sexual performance and sexual health. One of the most widespread beliefs is that premature ejaculation (PE) lessens with age, but we know that to not be true – the vast majority of men who suffer with the problem actually suffer from it chronically.

In order to dispel the most commonly believed sex myths, and also to get some sex health and performance tips, I spoke to Dr. Larry Levine, CMO of Promescent. Promescent is an FDA approved spray that is intended to help men with PE, and so far it's received relatively good reviews from users, including "Peter's PE Blog" which is a blog that I found when researching Promescent that follows the tales of the particularly fearless Peter as he tries to contend with blowing his load too early. Peter even includes a photo of of himself on his blog which shows that, despite emptying them more swiftly than the average male, he has bigger testicles than any of us.

Peter's review of Promescent concludes that "it might not be for everyone, but it definitely works", and considering that the topical spray is FDA approved I'm inclined to believe him.

Here's my interview with Dr. Levine regarding the top sex myths for men.


CRAVEONLINE: What are the most common causes of premature ejaculation?

DR. LARRY LEVINE: When it comes to PE the physiological mechanism behind the condition is not well-understood.  It is most likely a mixture of causes, a mixed bag if you will.  There’s hypersensitivity of the penis and also the aspect of fear of having that problem, which can excite the brain and induce ejaculation.


How can a man prevent premature ejaculation?

There are methods like the squeeze technique or thinking about baseball cards but these are very dated and often undesirable methods and they don’t have god long term results.  The easiest prevention method would be use of a topical PE medication, such as Promescent, that is applied directly to the penis. Using this kind of spray will ensure you’re keeping up with your partner and that you’re both being satisfied sexually.


What methods can a man take to last longer in bed?

Lasting longer in bed might be something that all men and women may appreciate but it is also is important to understand that there is an arousal gap between men and women.  While typically man might experience orgasm in 3-5 minutes, a woman usually takes almost 18. 

Using a topical medication like Promescent may also help with lasting longer as it helps decrease the sexual signals overwhelming the brain, allowing for men to have more control and reduce the arousal gap.  Additionally, communicating with you partner about what you could both do to make sex last longer is the best way to lengthen your sex sessions. 


What would be your best advice for a man who is unable to satisfy his partner sexually?

On the PE side, Promescent is available as an over the counter medication online.  Buying and trying Promescent is a good first line of defense.  If that fails or something else is up then you should see a urologist who specializes in sexual medicine. can help. 


What causes erectile dysfunction?

The primary erection busters are smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.  In addition things like excessive alcohol consumption, being obese, and having heart disease could be associated with ED. 


How can a man overcome erectile dysfunction?

Various other remedies that could be quite useful in the long term would include exercise, stopping smoking, weight reduction, and even reducing alcohol.


What is the key to maintaining a healthy sex life?

Regular exercise and stopping or reducing smoking are some key lifestyle changes which can improve vascular health and increase or preserve good blood flow to your penis.  Using protection is obviously another huge one. 


How often would you suggest that the average sexually active male should visit a sexual health clinic?

If a man is healthy and sexually active, once in his forties he should consider an annual general medical check-up is a good idea.  If on other hand, there are underlying conditions or sexual dysfunction such as PE, ED, or low testosterone at earlier ages an appointment with a urologist should be made then.   These early appointments may require more visits initially to assess what the issue is which once remedied can be helped through a bi-annual or annual checkup. 

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