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I grew up in South Florida, and like so many of us who are younger and naive (read: crazy), I didn't really appreciate where I was living. After the first few years the novelty of the beach and hot humid weather had worn out its welcome, and I found myself longing for seasons. So back to Canada I moved for college.

Now, as winter continues its death grip on us, I find myself wondering, "What was I thinking leaving that?" This became all the more apparent (DOH!) after a week-long visit to South Florida this past winter. We had perfect weather, we soaked in the sun, we hit Pompano Beach and walked along Ocean Drive in South Beach, we snorkeled for the day in the Florida Keys, and we relished in this fantastic destination.

I loved it. I wouldn't want to live there full-time again (OK, just eight months of the year) but it really is the perfect place for a vacation. If you're young and single, the clubs in Miami Beach as well as the boardwalk in Ft. Lauderdale, are breeding grounds for gorgeous people, booze, and perfect palmy sights. For couples, there are a number of high-end resorts situated along the beach that boast fine dining and world-class spa facilities, plus golf, tennis, and other activities. And for families, South Florida has it all, from countless parks and kid-friendly beaches to shopping (check out Sawgrass Mills, one of the biggest outlet malls in the country), umpteen restaurants, and much more. They have a number of major sports teams, large arenas for concerts, festivals all year round, and so much more.

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