Indiana Jones Recasting on the Way for New Trilogy?

Indiana Jones

Sounds like Disney is getting antsy to get back into the rare antiquities business…

While the Mouse has been madly hammering away at a whole attack squadron of new Star Wars films, George Lucas' "other" mega-franchise Indiana Jones has been quietly bidding its time in the post-merger era.

But according to Crave movie site Cinema Blend (as originally reported at Latino Review), Disney is ready to go forward with new Indiana Jones films — with or without Indy himself Harrison Ford.

Every few months, reporters ask Ford is he's ready to once again pick up the fedora and bullwhip — and Ford nearly always says he's game.  But with Ford celebrating his 72nd birthday in July, Disney is looking at hard realities — and according to LR, their battle plan is more than ready to see a new Indy assume the role, ala James Bond.

"There is a date. And if Indiana Jones 5 is not moving forward by then, the studio is 100% prepared to recast a younger Dr. Jones and ready up a new trilogy."

LR also reports Bradley Cooper is high on Disney's wishlist to play Indy if a Ford deal doesn't come together quickly — and director Frank Durabont is lining up as a potential writer-director for the new project should the new film not work into Steven Spielberg's schedule.

Considering Disney negotiated a massive deal with Paramount last year to handle all new Indy projects, a post-Ford Indiana Jones adventure is inevitable.  Just like Bond before him, we WILL see a new Indiana Jones on screen one of these days.  At this point, it looks to be just a matter of whether or not we see one last Ford-fronted Indy flick before Dr. Jones reboots for a new generation.