Divergent VIDEO: Theo James

Dear Theo James,

Judging by the row of young women who sat in front of me when I watched Divergent, you’re about to break out in a big way. How do I know this? My keen anthropological eyeballs noticed that this prevalent theater species would lock arms, huddle together and either gasp or flutter their hands whenever you were on screen.

I mentioned this to a film-marketing friend of mine. She said this group-gasp-huddle is commonly referred to as “swooning.”

I suspect there will be an outbreak of “swooning” in about a day or so.

If, while walking on the street, you, Theo, encounter someone unable to speak, with shrinking pupils and either grasping for a hand or covering their mouth, you’ve encountered a fan in the fits of “swooning”. It will pass. Careful, though, it will probably continue if you speak. You have a British accent after all.

I know because I experienced this with you, Theo.

You listen to jazz. You joked of never-ending franchise sequels. You’re British.

However, with all this buzz. Maybe listen to some jazz through the weekend. Then we’ll know if this swooning phenomenon is an actual outbreak or if it’s already been isolated.


Brian Formo smiley

Divergent Theo James

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