Celebrate Spring with Swinging Golf Gifts


The Nike Method Mod Putter’s perfect balance and elite material make it an elite golf gift.

For much of the country, it's been the worst winter for decades. Those golfers in the Midwest and out east who couldn't get away to Florida or Arizona to play 18 are on the verge of mass murder as the cold, wet weather drags into April.

But, the snow and cold can't last forever. To keep a golfer's faith alive, here are a few higher end golf buys to remind players that the great game for gentlemen still exists.

Nike Method Mod 90: Any experienced golfer will tell you a good player putts with his major upper body muscles. Rather than slap or pop at the ball with the wrists, golfers are taught to putt in a pendulum motion using their shoulders and back. The higher than average weight and overall balance of the Nike Method Mod line encourages that overall body movement and keeps the putting stroke pure and effective. MSRP: $299

Swing Catalyst: Maybe the most complete and high tech golf swing analytical system for the average consumer, Swing Catalyst uses video cameras, analysis software and  sensor plates to offer the loyal golfer professional level swing statistics. Swing Catalyst might not be something every golfer can afford and put into use, but it's a smart pickup for dedicated players with disposable income. MSRP: $1,195


Monolite Golf Shoes from Puma are comfortable enough to be worn on or off the course.

PUMA Men's Monolite Golf Shoes: There are two definite genres for golf shoes. You have the wing tip inspired, hard spiked serious models that you must remove before you head home or get in the car. Then, there are the more casual, sneaker-inspired soft spike versions. The new Monolite shoes from Puma are definitely the latter. Made with solid arch support and a spike tread that can quietly double as normal shoe treads, they can be worn on or off the course. MSRP: $99

nikeNike Hyperadapt Wind Jacket: When I received this jacket for testing from Nike, I thought the Oregon giant had sent me an empty box. Its nylon construction results in such a light rain cover that it can fit in any golf bag without adding a pound to your in-loop carry. When playing in Loch Lomond, Scotland lately, I had to turn to the Hyperadapt during a passing squal, and it made me impervious to the gaelic gale. MSRP: $100

Full Swing Golf: These full size golf simulators enable players to play any number if international destinations from their home, gym or golf shop. They also include a networking, online social feature allowing Full Swing owners to play against each other on the same virtual course anywhere around the world. MSRP: If you have to ask…