CES 2014: Techie Parties Take Over Las Vegas

CES 2014: Event Update Video



CES 2014 will bring 100,000 tech-heads into Las Vegas, and they’ll want to party.

As many as 160,000 techies are about to pile into Las Vegas for the 2014 version of the Consumer Electronics Show. Even though the town has certainly seen wilder crowds come through the airport gates, that doesn't mean visitors to CES 2014 don't want to take advantage of everything Las Vegas can offer.

Attendees to CES 2014 will find parties strewn up and down The Strip nightly. Some are invite only, while others are wide open. Some will get a little wild, while others function as networking events.

With very special thanks to Karen Thomas of Thomas PR (a tech industry veteran who organizes a list of CES parties every year), Crave Online presents the list of CES 2014 parties listed as of December 30, 2013.

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