Netflix Will Stream ‘Better Call Saul’ In 2014


“Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan has often said that Netflix played a major role in the increased popularity that “Breaking Bad” enjoyed during its final seasons. Now AMC and Netflix are hoping that history will repeat itself. 
Netflix and AMC have announced that the upcoming first season of the “Breaking Bad” spinoff, “Better Call Saul” will be streamed on Netflix following its initial run on AMC in 2014. 
Gilligan is co-creating “Better Call Saul” alongside fellow “Breaking Bad” veteran, Peter Gould with Bob Odenkirk set to reprise his role as the title character, Saul Goodman. “Better Call Saul” is said to take place “in the years before he became Walter White’s attorney. From parking tickets to mass murder, from slip-and-fall to bond fraud, Saul handles it all. “ However, Odenkirk has hinted that “Better Call Saul” may also catch up with the lead character after the events of “Breaking Bad.”
AMC has not yet announced a premiere date for “Better Call Saul,” but a summer 2014 run seems likely.