2013 Holiday Gifts: 10 Things NOT To Buy A Comic Fan

Black Friday has come and gone, but you still don’t have that perfect gift for the comic book geek in the family. With all the hullabaloo involving comic book movies, buying gifts isn’t as easy as it used to be. No longer does a quick jaunt to Toys R Us for cheap action figures cut it. Comic book popularity is at an all time high, and the choices are reaching a limitless range.

Most sites out there will help you choose the right gift, but we here at Crave Online want to go a step further. We already presented a list of the absolute best in action figure collectibles as well as some good comic ideas, and we’re not done yet. Oh no, not Crave Online. We want to truly make this geek Christmas/Holiday perfect. How else can we help? By providing a list of purchases to avoid when shopping for geek nirvana. So, without further ado, I present the 10 Worst Ideas For Comic Book Gifts.



There you have it. No need to thank us. A happy comic book Christmas is thanks enough.