Remaining Top Heisman Trophy Candidates

The 2013 college football campaign is entering its final act, but the drama that has enveloped this season seems to be just beginning. Most any award or championship that matters is still up for grabs, a rarity at this late juncture of the season. The race for the sports’ highest honor, the Heisman Memorial Trophy Award, remains especially jumbled.

There are still multiple candidates hopeful that their name will be called on December 14 in Best Buy Hall at a point in the season where one player has usually distinguished himself already. This year, the race is still wide open entering Championship Week, so the contenders playing in a conference title game have one more chance to impress voters before the polls close on December 9. Those who are idle next week must hope that their previous performance has been enough to separate them. Here are the nominees for the 79th iteration of the Heisman.


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Photo Credit: Getty