Exclusive Interview: Frank Grillo on Homefront & Captain America

Frank Grillo Captain America The Winter Soldier

CraveOnline: You’ve had a great few years. Has Hollywood caught on to Frank Grillo?

Frank Grillo: I think little by little they have. It’s been a great few years for me. I’m going to go do a TV series for DirecTV kind of loosely similar to the film Warrior that I did. It’s going to be an interesting one but yeah, I think you work hard long enough and get in people’s faces, they have to take notice.


It’s been a great run with Warrior, The Grey and Disconnect. Are you ready for a Frank Grillo starring vehicle?

It’s funny you should say that because the last three movies that I just finished, I was in that position. The movie I’m doing right now I’m in that position. By the way, I’ll tell you, I don’t know if I am ever really a good number one. I’m a really good number three, so that’s my sweet spot I’d say, number three.


So the films you did after Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you’re the lead?

Yeah, yeah. They’re ensembles but I am the guy. It’s exciting. It’s exciting but it’s a lot of work so I don’t get to spend as much time with my family as I’d like to, so everything’s very bittersweet.


How big a leap is it for you to be in a big Marvel movie like Captain America?

For any actor, it’s huge and you really get an understanding of that when you see guys like [Robert] Redford show up to do a role. What’s happening now is I think since all the Marvel movies had such a wide range of viewers globally that you’d be crazy not to want to be involved on some level with the Marvel people. They do it like nobody else. For me it’s a great opportunity because it’s an international film. It just raises your exposure that much more.


We see you once in the Winter Soldier trailer, but are you throughout the movie?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s an origin film. You meet people who are going to be around for a while, so they introduce the characters. It’s almost like it’s a series. It’s fun. I can’t say very much about it because Marvel’s very strict about what you’re allowed to say. The movie, we’ve seen bits of it, and it is spectacular.


Well, the trailer looks awesome.

Yeah, and that’s just a tiny bit.


But I think comic book readers know that Brock is Crossbones, so we wonder how close he gets in his first appearance.

I can’t say any of that because they will fire me.


I know, but because they’ve expanded into television, is there a chance for you to appear on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?”

You know, at this point in my career, it’s something that I’m not really interested in doing. I’ve got my own thing to do on television so you can’t really do two at once. Not that I don’t want to do it, but it doesn’t get me going anymore to do something like that.


Well, I imagine they have plans for Brock in the movies.

They do actually. We’ll see what happens. We’ll see if the fans respond to Brock and how it goes.