‘Doctor Who: Day of The Doctor’ Teaser Trailer

Doctor Who Day of The Doctor Teaser Trailer

Five weeks from today, The Day of The Doctor will arrive. 

The long awaited “Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary special will bring David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor face-to-face with Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor as they deal with the Doctor’s hidden incarnation as played by screen legend, John Hurt.

BBC debuted a full trailer for “Doctor Who: Day of The Doctor” at Comic-con, but the network has yet to release that to the general public. Instead, BBC has unleashed a new one minute teaser that draws from all eras of “Doctor Who,” starting with the junkyard at 76 Totter's Lane where the TARDIS was found in the very first episode of the series!

From there, we see the First Doctor, the Daleks, the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith & K-9, the Third Doctor, Clara Oswald and her leaf, the Seventh Doctor, the Fifth Doctor, the Ninth Doctor, the Sixth Doctor, a Weeping Angel, The Ood, the Eighth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor, before the Eleventh Doctor tells us what he’s been running from.  



"I've been running all my lives. Through time and space. Every second of every minute of every day for over 900 years.

I've fought for peace in a universe at war. Now the time has come to face the choices I've made in the Name of the Doctor.

Our future depends upon one single moment of one impossible day… the day I've been running from all of my life. The Day of The Doctor."


“Doctor Who: Day of The Doctor” will be simulcast on BBC One and BBC America on November 23, 2013.