Pokemon X & Y’s 5 Best Pokemon (Our Favorites)


Pokemon X & Y hit store shelves this week, and promptly flew off them to the tune of more than four million copies sold over the weekend. To celebrate, we’re chucking pokeballs left and right to collect our favorites.  

A new game means new regions, and new creatures to catch and fall in love with. Players are busy conquering the Kalos region in X & Y, while snatching up the newly introduced fairy-type pokemon. This is the sixth generation of Pokemon, extending the list of creatures from the previous 649 to 718.

Keeping only to recently introduced 69 new pokemon means we can’t talk about Bidoof, which is a real shame. We’ll come back to him when Game Freak gets their act together and releases Pokemon Brown with Bidoof as the legendary. 

Until that time, we’ll stick to the list of our 5 picks for best Pokemon in X & Y. See the gallery below: