Are We There Yet? – Never Lose Luggage Again!

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If you've ever lost your luggage while on vacation, even for a short period of time, then you know what a huge damper such a mishap can put on your getaway. And nine times out of ten, it's not your fault your luggage got lost – once you hand over your bags to a flight attendant, you're at their mercy, relying on the airline's ability to properly label, track, and streamline your luggage.

That's why I had to share a new gadget called the LoccaMini… it's the smallest GPS locator in the world and it slips into your checked or carry-on bags so you can always have your belongings under your watchful eye. Comparable to the length of a matchstick, the LoccaMini utilizes FSK, GSM, Bluetooth Low Energy and AGPS to locate bags, whether nearby or international. Locca leads the industry with its combination of tracking technology that enables it to reach worldwide distances, no matter where the luggage may end up.

In addition to the strong thirty-day battery life, there is a pre-installed SIM card, beeper for audio-locating, motion detector, and a LED flashlight, in addition to the waterproof and shockproof features. Therefore, should ID tags be torn off or bags lost amongst the piles, there are always alternative ways of finding your bag. All of this is managed from a smartphone app, tablet, or desktop as long as the owner has an iOS, Android, or Web product. This cutting-edge location technology is the future of tracking luggage, unifying qualities of modern design, minimal construction, intuitive handling, extensive battery service life, and prime tracking technique.

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