NYCC 2013: ‘The Venture Bros.’ Panel Report

Venture Bros 2

If you’re coming here to look for any scoops about “The Venture Bros.” Season 6… you can’t have any!

“Venture Bros.” creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick are notorious for withholding even minor spoilers about their signature Adult Swim series. And their panel at this year’s New York Comic-Con was no exception.

The duo took to the stage in matching Speed Suits very similar to the ones Doctor Venture and his family wear on the show. As expected, Hammer and Publick had no new footage to show. They also said that they are currently working on the sixth season and hope to debut it in January 2015.

To help tide fans over, there may be a “Venture Bros.” special in Fall 2014. But there will be not be a Shallow Gravy album, based upon Hank’s band within the show. However, Dark Horse Comics will release an Art of The Venture Bros. book and Season 5 hits DVD and Blu-ray in March.

During the long Q&A portion of the panel, Hammer and Publick did promise that Season 6 would have plenty of screentime for the Monarch, but the duo also expressed a desire to do more ideas with Augustus St. Cloud, the new villain that whom they featured in Season 5. However, they were non-committal regarding the return of Molotov Cocktease in Season 6 despite the hints in Season 5 that she will be working alongside her rival/love interest, Brock Sampson.

Regarding their dream guest stars for the series, Hammer and Publick said that David Bowie and Pete Holmes are still the ones that they want to get. Although Hammer openly lamented that Bowie just doesn’t care about coming on their show earlier in the day while speaking with the press. 

In one of the more hilarious moments of the panel, a female fan said that she was too nervous to ask a question, so Hammer asked her if she was too nervous to dance with him. Not only was Hammer serious about the offer, but when he began to dance with the woman, someone began playing Greased Lightning from Grease. Naturally, the crowd ate it up and cheered them on. 

Afterwards, Hammer admitted that he didn’t know what to do with his dance moves after the music started. No one cared about Hammer’s self-perceived shortcomings because the scene was so funny. That’s just how Team Venture rolls.


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