Meet Casey Wright and Every Wild Thought in His Head — In Under 3 Minutes

Usually when you go out in the field to cover an event, you talk to organizers, you talk to artists and you talk to fans.  Basically, you try to hear from as many participants as possible to give you the full picture of what the experience means to all involved.

And sometimes…oh, those ever-so-few-and-far-between sometimes…you strike gold.  And I mean, you strike some serious…serious…gold.

When CraveOnline went out to experience FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide in L.A.'s Echo Park, we knew we'd hear from folks at FILTER and some of the more notable artists taking part like Moby.

What we hadn't counted on…was Casey Wright.

Casey just happened to find his way into CC's Creativity and Innovation Summit Thursday at Echo Park's Taix Champagne Room.  And when our intrepid team decided to ask Casey a few questions, he answered.

Oh man, did he ever answer…

So, with no added interruption, meet Casey Wright, frontman of the New Mainstream, owner of The Cosmos, Oaksterdam occupier, bit-coin proponent, Jay Rockefeller hater and supranationalist.

Oh, and possible mayor of Santa Cruz, Calif. next year…and did we mention he knows the cure for cancer?

Just watch the video, everybody.

Don't ever change, Casey…we love ya.