DreamWorks Wants to “Reinvent” Masters of the Universe, Voltron, More

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Vol. 1

Remember the other day when Crave reported Jeffrey Katzenberg's failed plan to make three more episodes of Breaking Bad? Well, it turns out Katzenberg, and his company DreamWorks, have big plans for a lot of iconic cultural touchstones from our childhood.

In the same speech in which he talked about Breaking Bad, Katzenberg revealed DreamWorks had big plans for properties they now own thanks to their purchase of Classic Media and their library, according to Crave's /Film website. That library is bulging with iconic series and properties. He-Man. Voltron. Lassie. Rocky and Bullwinkle. It's all part of a grand plan, said Katzenberg.

It’s not, ‘What are we going to do with those 6,100 episodes we have’ … although we’ll get value out of those … the real opportunity is to take every one of those franchises and reinvent them. And that’s what we will set out to do.

In fact, Katzenberg said this portfolio will be for DreamWorks what Marvel is for Disney. Bold statement. So which series should come first. Head on over to Crave's Facebook and let us know.