BaseCamp Young Hostel Bonn: The Most Original Hostel in the World


Thrillist_LogoThere was a time when the word hostel DIDN'T immediately invoke images of Eli Roth and torture porn.  It was just a way of describing an incredibly rundown and scuzzy hole in the wall that jammed dozens of smelly, out-of-work teenagers and twenty-somethings into a dank hovel the size of a Bel Air laundry room.

But hey, cheap is cheap…so the hostel concept continues to entice those who have to choose between a roof over their head or, say, ramen noodles for dinner while on that epic back-packing trip across Europe.

Fortunately, at least one hostel coordinator in Germany has taken pity on the legions of the poor and unwashed…he's constructed BaseCamp Young Hostel Bonn, the virtual Shangri-La of youth hostels.  And while it still looks like a dive, it's so insanely cool, you won't mind.

Check out the full travelogue put together by Thrillist — and start booking your reservations now.