Supermarket Suckage: The 12 Worst Things About Every Grocery Store

grocery store

Thrillist_LogoAdmit it — you've got a love/hate relationship with your grocery store.

At its best (read: when you're hungry), your supermarket is a Fantasyland of options.  You can spend hours wandering the aisles and salivating at all your culinary possibilities. 

But more often than not, you're trying to jam in a stop for groceries in some super-abbreviated 30-minute window between the time you get off work and when you're supposed to meet up with the guys to go out.  Or the grocery store is sandwiched into your list of errands somewhere between picking up a birthday gift for your sister and getting to the bank across town before it closes at 4:30.

Usually, it's a chore.  And just as with any chore, any starry-eyed glamor the grocery store could conceivably hold melts away to drudgery as you stand helplessly trapped behind a logjam of slack-jawed mouth-breathers trying to figure out the intricate wonders of the self-checkout station.

Or is that just me?

Anyway, check out what the guys at Thrillist have put together — it's their list of the 12 things that absolutely burn your ass about going to the grocery store.  Go ahead — check out the whole list…all your biggest gripes are there.  Even the guy on the scooter weaving drunkenly and seemingly directionlessly from aisle to aisle, but always somehow right in your path.

Or again…is that just me?

Take a look at Thrillist's list and see for yourself.