Not-So-Low Fat: 11 Foods That Are Deceptively Unhealthy

Deceptively Unhealthy foods

Thrillist_LogoWe always congratulate ourselves when we make a healthy eating decision.  Rather than another pizza calorie bomb or your fourth swing through McDonald's this week (because it's just TOO easy), we take a little pride when we choose a more health-conscious path.

I'll just go with some nuts, you might say.

Or maybe that gluten-free alternative…or just some grilled chicken and veggie fajitas.

Well, it's a nice thought, at least…

But the reality is a lot of those meals you think are keeping you fit and trim are actually packing on more pounds than you probably realize.

Our pals over at Thrillist have compiled a look at some of the foods you probably think are healthy, but in reality, are stealthy little gutbusters ready to push your daily caloric intake into the stratosphere.

Take a look at the full list over at Thrillist now.