Exclusive ‘Strike Back’ Season 3 Episode 9 Preview Scene

Strike Back Season 3 Episode 9 Preview

The endgame has arrived.

Last week on “Strike Back,” Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and the remaining members of Section 20 rescued Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) from Al-Zuhari’s bio-weapon facility. However, Leo Kamali (Zubin Varla) blew his cover during the operation and he was subsequently tortured and executed by Al-Zuhari in a propaganda video.

To make matters worse, Al-Zuhari now has everything that it needs to pull off a massive terrorist attack.

In the first preview clip from this week’s penultimate episode of “Strike Back” Season 3, we learn that Kamali must have broken under the torture. But Lt. Colonel Philip Locke (Robson Green) has a very permanent solution for the terrorist forces attempting to catch Section 20 off-guard.



In this week’s exclusive preview scene, Scott breaks the news of Kamali’s death to his daughter, Ester (Amy-Leigh Hickman). Before long, Scott and Stonebridge find themselves under attack as they try to keep Ester alive.



One of the biggest action sequences of the season is also coming up in this episode. Through Cinemax, Philip Winchester shared a few thoughts about the pivotal scene.


“It was really intense,” said Winchester. “But we are all thrilled about how amazing it looks on screen. It took us 4 days total to shoot the whole train and helicopter sequence — which is short by film industry standards. Similar sequences take feature films about 4-6 weeks to shoot. We trained and prepped for each stunt because of its difficulty.” 

“First, we rehearsed the train and helicopter choreography,” continued Winchester. “Since they had to run at the same speed, it was quite tricky. Next we rehearsed when the train was stationery so we get a feel of where we could climb and where we could not.  We also had to test our shoes in wet and dry conditions — it rained on one of the rehearsal days and the top of the train became an ice skating rink. Then we rehearsed with the train and helicopter going 25 kilometers per hour, then at 40 kilometers per hour, then at 60. In total we prepped for 1 full day for the entire crazy thing.”

Winchester added that “My best piece of advice was: 'Don't fall off.' It was fun to shoot it, and really challenging.”

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video from the upcoming train stunt in Season 3 Episode Nne.


As always, Cinemax’s synopsis for the episode offers a few additional hints.

“Scott and Stonebridge aim to keep their promise to protect Ester (Amy-Leigh Hickman). After questioning a suspect from the raid on the facility, Richmond (Michelle Lukes) and Martinez (Milauna Jackson) follow an Al-Zuhari associate, gaining key intel. Believing an attack is imminent, the team sets out to stop an infiltrator before he reaches a populated area.”


“Strike Back” Season 3 continues tonight on Cinemax!