Dawn to Cross Over for the First Time Ever with Vampirella

In advance of the kickoff of New York Comic-Con, Dynamite has announced that acclaimed artist Joseph Michael Linsner will be crossing over his signature "pin-up goddess" Dawn for the first time ever, and he's chosen to do it with the pulp horror icon Vampirella in a six-issue series written and illustrated by Linsner himself.

The synopsis blurb is thus: "In Dawn / Vampirella, a ten-headed demon named Ravana tricks Dawn and Vampirella, snatching them away and holding them hostage.  With the two most beautiful women in all worlds at his mercy, Ravana wishes to select one as a mate to usher in a new age.  Rather than a challenge of physical prowess, the ladies choose a more sophisticated and feminine contest, facing each other instead in a competition of storytelling prowess.  If Dawn wins, the new age will be one of light.  If Vampirella wins, it will be an age of darkness.  Together, they take Ravana to the bloody shores of Drakulon, to post-apocalyptic New York, and to worlds beyond his wildest dreams.  Ultimately, the ladies know that they must join forces to overcome him… but what common ground can be found between Goddess and Vampire?"

"Vampirella is comic book royalty, right up there with Wonder Woman, Sue Storm, and Red Sonja," says Linsner.  "She is an icon; there is only one Vampi.  In many ways, she is the original independent 'Bad Girl.'  She started in black and white, and so did Dawn.  It is an extreme honor to have Dawn share the stage with Vampirella in her very first crossover."

Here's an example of the kind of artwork that made Linsner famous, and that you'll find in Dawn/Vampirella early in 2014.



Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite, says, "I've known Joe Linsner since Dawn first appeared in comics.  For two-and-a-half decades, he's been a truly innovative, independent voice in this industry, crafting tales that plumb the depths of human emotion and spirituality.  I respect his life's work so much, and have hoped to work with him on a crossover since before the goddess celebrated her twentieth anniversary.  At the time, Joe said he would think on it, but it seemed the longest of long shots, as he's never allowed anyone else to be involved with Dawn on any creative level.  Dawn is his legacy… and yet, five years later, he felt that he could craft a story so great that his fans would warmly welcome the best — and only — Dawn crossover in history.  It's truly an honor to be working with Joe on this creative level.  It's one of the most exciting crossovers of 2014."