CraveOnVine: Top 5 Vines About Gravity

Have you seen Gravity yet?

Apparently, the lure of Sandra Bullock floating through space and screaming for 90 minutes was all the enticement millions of Americans needed last weekend as Alfonso Cuaron's big-screen spectacle raked in $55 million and smashed box office records for the biggest October opening ever.

Look, the movie's great…Crave's own William Bibbiani gave it a 10 — and he doesn't just give out perfect scores like that very often.  So it's definitely worth your $8.50 and an hour and a half of your time.

Yet, despite its brilliance, Gravity's thriller DNA as well as some questionable science — as humorously nitpicked by rock star physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson — make it a prime target for light-hearted jabs and downright mockery.

And ladies and gentlemen, what else is Vine for if not jabs and mockery?  With that in mind, check out some of the best Vine videos we found after Gravity's opening weekend.


numbers_set_01Joey Kellogg boiled down Gravity to its key elements…


numbers_set_02Meanwhile, all that floating around was prime parody territory for Drew Kordik (but quit knocking stuff of the walls, Drew…this is a place of business).


numbers_set_03And production is already underway on the Gravity remake…damn, Hollywood is resurrecting properties at lightning speed these days….


numbers_set_04But please, don't taunt Sandra with the old "found your keys" trick…


numbers_set_05Finally, when a movie becomes a hit, everybody wants to get into the act…even Google.


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