George A. Romero Brings ‘Empire of the Dead’ to Marvel

George A. Romero, director of Night of the Living Dead, is the biggest name in undead. Hell, Marvel has dubbed him the Godfather of the Zombie Apocalypse in their announcement that the famed filmmaker will be coming to comics with a book called Empire of the Dead, featuring art from Alex Maleev.

The synopsis blurb is: "Welcome to New York City years after the plague has hit.  But just because the Big Apple has been quarantined doesn’t mean that everyone inside is safe!  Flesh-eating zombies roam within the confines of Manhattan…but they’re not the only predator that’s poised and ready to strike!  Who or what is this new menace?" More is slated to be announced at New York Comic-Con.

Check out this Maleev art, and the NYCC variant cover by Arthur Suydam.


Empire of the Dead (Alex Maleev)


Empire of the Dead Variant (Arthur Suydam)