The Best Vines From Summer 2013


The air is getting cooler. Kids are going back to school. The new movies have fewer explosions in them. Summer is over, but before we say goodbye to beach weather, let’s take a fond look back at all the hilarious goofing around that happened on Vine. Here are the best Vines from Summer 2013:


Best Vines – June 2013

1:08 – This makes me sad Nic Cage wasn’t in Now You See Me.


Best Vines – July 2013

1:20 – C is for Crazy Transformation!


Best Vines – August 2013

:50 – Twerkverine?


Bonus: Best Vines – May 2013

1:43 – Who needs a food pyramid when you’ve got this?


Bonus: Best Vines – September 2013 (So Far)

6:41 – Better than Man of Steel.

Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!


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