‘Futurama’ Series Finale Interviews

Earlier this week, “Futurama” ended its seven season run… which was spread out over 14 years thanks to its multiple cancelations. 

To celebrate the series, Comedy Central put on a “Futurama” event at Youtube Space Los Angeles as the cast and creators of the show gathered to tape a pre and post-finale “Futurama” talk show with Chris Hardwick as the host.

CraveOnline was there and we caught up with “Futurama” creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen as they spoke about making several final episodes for the series, Fry and Leela's relationship and their favorite moment from working on the show.

Billy West also demonstrated his various characters for us before reflecting on his last Comic-Con with the cast and dealing with Fry's dialogue. Phil LaMarr spoke about Hermes’ rising importance in the series, his favorite Hermes moment and which “Futurama” crossover he wants to see while Maurice LaMarche (pictured above) talks about his inspiration for Kiff and shares a few of his many characters on the show! 


Futurama Series Finale Interviews