All the Boys Love Mandy Lane: Exclusive Trailer Premiere

You remember high school. Summer comes and goes, and the people you knew so well last school year have changed dramatically. So it was for Mandy Lane, the girl who got smokin' hot over the summer (well obviously, she's played by Amber Heard) and gets invited to a weekend ranch getaway in the middle of nowhere. Funny thing though… the number of teen partyers seems to be dropping precipitously throughout the weekend. Eh, it's probably just a coincidence. It's not like everyone's starring in a horror thriller called All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, directed by Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies). That would be cause for concern. 

Well, you'd better check out this new CraveOnline Exclusive trailer premiere for All the Boys Love Mandy Lane to see for yourselves. It's probably nothing Mandy should be worried about, unless the film opens on VOD on September 6 and in theaters October 11. Then she might have a serious problem on her hands.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane