HJC FG-17 Helmets Turn New Riders’ Heads toward Safety

fc17The new HJC FG-17 Helmet offers outstanding protection at a resonable price – making it a prime choice for beginner riders looking to preserve the old bean while deciding if two wheels on the open road is really for them.

Starting at $189.99, the FG-17 Solid sits on the lower end of HJC's price range, but the manufacturer didn't go bargain basement on protective features.

The Solid comes with HJC's Advanced Fiberglass Composite Shell, their SilverCool Interior design for moisture-wicking. Crown and cheek pads with a Pinlock-prepared Face Shield and a shape design providing 98% UV protection.

The face shield is basic clear on delivery, but the RapidFire Shield Replacement System allows the quick instillation of HJC tinted visors.

Finally, the ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System offers two front-facing channels for front to back airflow.

After testing out the HJC on an international ride in Italy, I found the Solid to be comfortable and adaptive — offering the kind of protection I would expect from helmets $100 to $200 more expensive. While there are cheaper entry level helmets on the market, few seem as ready to protect that beginner rider.