10 Comic Book Beats ‘The Wolverine’ Got Wrong

The Wolverine


When the new Wolverine movie was announced, comic fans had reason to rejoice. According to those involved, the film was to take its cues from the four-issue mini-series The Wolverine. That series, penned by Chris Claremont and drawn by Frank Miller, is sacrosanct for all Wolverine fans. It remains one of the best stories ever told about the character, and easily one of the best definitions of who Wolverine is. Following this comic as a guideline would easily make the next Wolverine film something special.

So, why didn’t they do it? The latest Wolverine film, while head and shoulders above the first one, is still adequate at best. The script is boring. The characters are one dimensional, the plot ridiculous; it even manages to make the Silver Samurai look silly. Having re-read the Claremont/Miller story before seeing the film, I organized what I feel the movie could have learned from the film. So, here are Ten Comic Book Beats The Wolverine Missed.



With such an incredible comic book series to draw from, the failure of this movie lies at the feet of the filmmakers. It’s not as if the comic book would have been too expensive or would've lacked action. It also had an emotional arc that strengthened Wolverine as a character. Recreating the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller Wolverine on screen would have given us a classic comic book movie. Hollywood, sadly, had other ideas.