The Last of Us to Reveal Alternate Ending, Teases with Image



There is no way Joel really did that… did he? That is the infamous question we all asked as we saw him driving away in a quiet car with the look of discontent.

There is no arguing that Last of Us has been one of the biggest and well received games to be released this year, and it has easily held up to its reputation. The story was developed brilliantly and the ending was one that will be remembered for its relative simplicity, and dramatic impact. But if the game was written this well, and is being followed and played by countless individuals in the gaming community, then how in the world could there be a completely different story that is detrimental enough to change the entire flow of the game. Well it turns out that Naughty Dog has revealed an image of one ending that almost became reality, and plans to fully detail it on August 30th at PAX.

All of this has been sparked by a single tweet stating:

See how it originally ended as @bruce_straley [co-director] and I re-pitch The Last of Us for you.

Below was the attached image:

So even with the second confirmation during the PAX panel that was held, how drastic could the change have been to incite such a mad craving for an alternate storyline? All that can be said is the anxiety can’t be any better than the wait to see the original ending, so hopefully Naughty Dog won’t keep us all on the leash for too long.