Highway Thru Hell Revs Up For Season 2

Highway Thru Hell

The hit reality show "Highway Thru Hell" is about to air its second season as more drama takes place along the Coquihalla Highway.

An original Canadian series from Vancouver’s Great Pacific TV, the series takes viewers on some of the most economically vital – and most inhospitable – trucking routes in North America. With a bevy of winter storms, truckers spin out and smash up, and during the worst conditions, the big wrecks can come as often as every 12 hours. And when this happens, the call goes out for heavy rescue to clear the highway carnage and get the road open again.

New for Season 2, dynamic visuals including 3D maps depicting the locations of the wrecks and striking new animations take viewers back in time to the moment of impact, heightening the wreck stories featured this season. Also, building on first season’s original nine episodes and “After the Crash” special, Season 2 grows to 13 hours, plus four hours of "Highway Thru Hell: RELOADED" episodes with extended online material to deepen the viewer experience with exclusive content.

The second season of "Highway Thru Hell" starts Tuesday, September 3rd at 10pm.

Photo: Highway Thru Hell