New Video Game Operated with Penis Control


This is the oddest story we've written … ever. The world (and Crave's sister site Destructoid) have now witnessed the birth of the first game and controller operated by your penis. 

Custom Maid 3D was released in February and works with the Ju-C Air Support Controller. See you stick your junk into the Ju-C Air (yeah, we get it) and the game responds to your stroking speed and even size of your, uh … analog stick.

Did we mention Custom Maid 3D is an erotic title in which you design a maid and have her do sexual things? This week it even got Oculus Rift support! Guess hentai went to a whole new level.

Three things: 1) How do you clean the controller? 2) When will they make a female peripheral? 3) By God this better not have multiplayer.