Moon Bloodgood on ‘Falling Skies’ Season 3


At the Turner networks party for the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Moon Bloodgood represented TNT’s “Falling Skies.” With only two episodes left in its third season, we chatted about the upcoming season finale and soon to be filming fourth season. All the while, Bloodgood spotted the waiters passing around hors d’oeuvres so we wouldn’t starve while we chatted by the pool.

CraveOnline: There are only two episodes left this season. What’s still coming up?

Moon Bloodgood: What can I tease? I don’t die. I can say that. I don’t die. You know I had to leave to go have my child, my actual baby. I bet you’re wondering who’s the mole? It’s not me, and none of us knew who the mole was. None of us could figure it out but you’re never going to guess. It’s so good, that’s all I can say.

Last week’s episode with the dream sequence where you got to play a different version of Anne.

That was one of the funnest things I got to do on the show, all of us because we got to break from out normal character and do something interesting. Do you think flashbacks are cheesy in general? Flashback and voiceover.

I have a bigger problem with flashback than voiceover.

I like voiceover.

Voiceover is a fine conceit.

Flashback you think is lazy?

I think J.J. Abrams figured it out with “Alias” where they would open with an action scene and then flash back, so they’d ultimately use that action scene twice. Now every show does that, starts in medias res. Sometimes, just tell the story in order.

That’s true, because why go back? Some people just feel like it’s lazy. I like a flashback every now and then because it takes me into the character’s past, but I can see how people feel like it’s cheesy.

“Lost” had the best use of flashbacks.

You needed that for that show. That was very suited for that show. How do you feel about voiceover?

I like voiceover.

Me too.

As long as they’re well written. The idea that you’re not supposed to use voiceover because it’s a movie is nonsense.

That’s nonsense. Best voiceover to me is “The Wonder Years.”

Of course, because that was a character on the show.

Yeah, yeah.

Were you surprised they made some of the aliens actual costar characters on the show?

We were all worried about that because you can kind of fall hard on that one.

Is Doug Jones there with you in a suit?

And fully killing it. He’s also a wonderful actor and that can get so goofy so quickly and it’s not. The Volm, Cochise, is my favorite character. That’s my favorite thing by far and if I could do more scenes with him, I’d be excited.

When you began the show, did you ever expect the aliens could become comrade characters, or that even the villains would be characters you spoke to?

No. I didn’t because when you read the pilot of this show, it was very much about a family. The science fiction element of it was so secondary. Yes, it was obviously the crux of the show but so much you were watching a family show. Now it’s still a family show but it’s got a lot more kick-ass in it. Now it’s who are our allies? Who is the enemy? The enemy has its own rebel subgroup from it, so it gets much more complicated.

You’ve had a different showrunner each season, so has each season had a distinct personality for you?

How can you not? Every time we have a show runner, they have a different point of view. They’re a different writer. I think they always bring something different and I think we’ve been trying every year new stuff to see what show are we? Who are we? What do we want to say? I think we’ve evolved and I think this season’s actually one of our best seasons. Yeah, every show runner’s going to bring something different, absolutely.

How soon do you go back for season four?

I think we start shooting in September, so pretty soon.

Do you know how many episodes?

I heard we might do more than 10. I’m not sure though. It’s hard to tell a story in 10 episodes, but then again it feels very much like a movie.

Besides having to take time off for real life, how surprised are you with where Anne has come?

So surprised, just because of my own personal journey. When I read the pilot, she wasn’t a doctor. She was just a woman and at the time, we didn’t know what she was going to be. To know she was going to have a baby who was going to start acting like he was possessed by an alien race was not something I thought was going to happen in my narrative. But I’m happy with it. I always knew I was going to have a romantic relationship with Noah’s character.