Aaron Rodgers Puts $8.5 Million on Ryan Braun’s Innocence

Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins

It must be nice to have a buddy who will back you to the tune of $8.5 million. And it must suck to be Aaron Rodgers right now.

As Crave's NESN website reported Tuesday, Rodgers has consistently supported Ryan Braun as the baseball player continued to deny his use of performance enhancing drugs. (PED) The Packers quarterback even went so far as to use the Twitter hashtag #exonerated and tell one follower he would bet next season's salary on Braun's innocence. (Yes, that is $8.5 million for we mere mortals.)

Rodgers has been pretty quiet since Braun admitted Monday to using PEDs and accepted Major League Baseball's sanction. Though if Braun needs some cash, we know a guy who likes him and has $8.5 million he is ready to part with.